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Start up

Founded in 2010, NEW WORLD provides high quality cosmetics products and french fragrances.


Our particular objective is to make quality cosmetics and perfumes products available to everyone at competitive prices specifically to the medium class consumer market.


We aim to diversify our products according to the needs of our market portion and we believe that customers’ pure satisfaction is a true asset for any organization.

Customer Service

Hence, our endeavours are focused to delight customers in all ways possible, through quality products and impeccable client service.


At New World, we understand customer’s preferences and serve them accordingly, continually nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Roll On
Body Cream
Domestic Produts

Be Your Own Boss

New World gives you the business opportunity which you have been looking for, the way to be your own boss, and become an agent or distributor of some of the most amazing French fragrances and body products.

If you have the nack for selling products, have a love of feeling beautiful, then contact us today, and start the next chapter of your life!